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Peewee hockey player suspended for racism

A peewee hockey goalie has been suspended by the St. Albert Minor Hockey Association in Alberta, Canada, for making racist comments. Even more surprising, the player made the comments to his own teammates.

As reported by the St. Albert Gazette, the suspended player, who was not identified, called one teammate a [expletive] Jew and told a biracial teammate, "Your mom should go back to Africa where she belongs.” The same player also allegedly told a teammate to "go away" during a practice and later threatened to kill him.

League president Dave Bell said an investigation is underway.

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The mother of the player who was on the receiving end of the goalie's anti-Semitic remarks sees the incident as a learning opportunity.

“I never want my son to ever be on his team again," she said. "I want this kid punished and held accountable for his actions. What a great opportunity to teach this child some kind of tolerance.”

In October, the Alberta Midget AAA Hockey League suspended a player 12 games for using racist language on the ice.
Peewee hockey player suspended for racism
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