Music for your next workout

Music for your next workout


Music for your next workout

Got a case of the Mondays? Pause. Let’s remix.

Whether you’ve got a big game, intense workouts in the weight room, or both, a music playlist can set your mind right.

Below, Union (Union, N.J.) running back Jamauri Bogan spills a few of his favorite tunes that keep him going.

“What More Can I Say?” — Jay-Z
I listen to music that soothes me because I have a lot of adrenaline before a game. This song sets the moment. It’s mellow and talks about what else is left to do. Come game time, I’m prepared, so what else is left to do but to go out there and perform.

“You Can Hate Me Now” — Nas
It’s telling you that no matter what’s against you — you can hate me or whatever — I’m still going to go out on the field and do what I need to do.

“The Good Life” — Frank Sinatra
I like a variety of music, and I got into Frank Sinatra last year. I get in a corner and just listen to this song, and it relaxes me.

“Gravity” — John Mayer
It puts me at peace. I’ll visualize what the score is going to be and what I’m going to do on the field.

“Everything I Am” — Kanye West
It’s a slow beat, but it gets your head bothered. He talks about being who you are. Nobody is going to play like you, so you just have to be yourself.

Want to share your playlist? Hit us up and spill it.

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