Pilates improves strength and flexibility

The weight room is like a second home for athletes. While that training time is necessary, let’s face it – it can also get a little stale.

Let us help you mix up your routine with unique and fun (but not easy) workouts that build strength, speed, power and improve balance and flexibility.

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Week five of our Training Remix series presents a Pilates workout guided by premier instructor Erika Bloom, who works with athletes of all levels, pros included.

What it is and how it helps: Pilates is a training method that integrates a series of controlled exercises to develop full-body strength and flexibility.

Movements are performed on various apparatuses using adjustable springs for resistance.

Exercises aim to create body alignment, which is key for getting muscles to work more efficiently. Pilates also lengthens the body and improves joint stability and balance, which are essential for injury prevention.

The test: Basketball is life for St. Anthony (Jersey City, N.J.) point guard Hallice Cooke, who hopes to play Division I in college.

To reach that goal, Cooke’s doing everything it takes on the court and in the weight room. “I put my heart and soul into it,” he says. “It’s my job, every day.”

Cooke’s no stranger to creative forms of training to improve his athletic skills. He’s already pursued yoga to increase flexibility and help with his first step, so it was no surprise he welcomed another challenge. Watch how he handled his Pilates training session.

The Machines
Cadillac: The machine resembles a hospital bed with horizontal metal bars attached with springs. It allows muscles to work in isolation. Cooke’s use involved knee folds, which develop core stability and hip strength.  

Reformer: Cooke turned to the Reformer for a series of foot-strengthening exercises performed while resting his feet on the machine’s footbar.

Wunda Chair: Resembling an open-faced wooden box, the chair’s padded pedal allows for adjustable resistance. The chair can be used to improve strength and balance in the upper and lower body and core.

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Pilates improves strength and flexibility
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