Sand training improves balance, strength and speed

The weight room is like a second home for athletes. While that training time is necessary, let’s face it – it can also get a little stale.

Let us help you mix up your routine with unique and fun (but not easy) workouts that build strength, speed, power and improve balance and flexibility.

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We wrap up our Training Remix series with a workout on sand, guided by Grayson Fertig, master trainer at The Sports Center at Chelsea Piers in New York City.

What it is and how it helps: Sand training is a low-impact form of resistance training.

“Since the surface is constantly shifting, you’re always a little off balance,” Fertig says. “It’s a totally different use of the body.”

Training on sand activates and strengthens underworked areas, such as the ankles and foot muscles, which are used to grip the uneven surface.

Since the body must constantly adjust, training on sand is advantageous for improving balance and stability.

The surface is also beneficial for training to improve quickness and build explosive strength because muscles require a greater workload to accelerate, run, jump and change direction.  

The test: Poly Prep (Brooklyn, N.Y.) pitcher, first baseman and center fielder Morgan Gray aspires to play college baseball on a Division I diamond.

Last season, Gray contributed to the Blue Devils’ second straight state championship for New York independent schools.

To handle the grind of the season (summer games included), Gray runs and rigorously trains in the weight room. “Baseball is pretty much my entire life,” he says.

We put Gray’s training dedication to the test with a workout on sand. Was the challenge like a walk on the beach? Check out the video to find out.  

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Sand training improves balance, strength and speed
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