5 Monday-themed songs for your next workout

Daily Dose: Jump-start the week with pick-me-up spins

For some of us, Monday is a day we love to hate — and with good reason. This day officially deflates weekend shenanigans and forces a it’s-time-to-get-responsible-again mentality.

Just search “Monday” on Spotify, and the results filter cold realities: Blue Monday, Stormy Monday, Melancholy Monday, Manic Monday, Escaping Monday — you get the picture.

Truth: Monday is happening whether we want it to or not. But let this day serve a glass half-full mentality: a fresh start, a chance to take care of business and cross things off the list.

Contrary to the names, these five pick-me-up songs throw down fast beats and encourage you to get movin'.
5 Monday-themed songs for your next workout
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