Athlete favorite flicks

Athlete favorite flicks

The Life

Athlete favorite flicks


“It’s a major part of why America is what it is today…because of him. I’m a big history guy!” Ben Lucas, Cony (Augusta, Maine) quarterback

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“Every person needs to see what Jackie Robinson went through to make a change. He taught us how to lead and not always follow. Without the bravery and strength Jackie showed, what would today be like?” – Andrea Kindrick, Russellville (Ark.) pitcher

Now You See Me

“It’s a thriller that has the biggest plot twist you’d never see coming.”-Dan Dolan, Garden City (N.Y.) lacrosse goalie

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

“Jennifer Lawrence is amazing. I enjoy action movies with a little bit of a love triangle. It was so great that I watched it twice!” – Alexis Prillaman, Caesar Rodney (Camden, Del.) forward

Iron Man 3

I’ve always like the Iron Man movies, and this one is worth watching because of the action and special effects.– Jacobi Gordon, Homeschool Christian Youth Association (Houston, Texas) shooting guard


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