Florida high school hopes to make Go-Kart racing a varsity sport

At the Manatee (Fla.) School for the Arts, fun = mass x acceleration.

According to WWSB, the public charter middle and high school is the only one in the country that offers a class on the physics of motorsports, which includes regular trips to the local go-kart track.

"At the finish line, we'll get a velocity," instructor Frederick Hillier told WWSB. "And then they're supposed to break as hard as they can for the shortest stopping distance. They'll collect the data, they'll go back to school in the next class, and they'll calculate what the g-force was of their deceleration."

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Hillier offers a few words of warning to any students expecting to steer their way to an easy 'A' in his class on the school website:

"No, it is not a Go Kart class, it is a Physics Class with all the rigor of an academic class but with The Physics of Motorsports as the theme."

Students who complete the class are eligible to join the Manatee School for the Arts extracurricular racing team, but Hillier hopes the class eventually leads to go-kart racing becoming a varsity sport.

"If we do that," Hillier told WWSB, "we will be the only varsity sport that's academically based."

See, learning is fun. Now, if only a school would offer a class on the physics of rollercoasters.

Florida high school hopes to make Go-Kart racing a varsity sport
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