Illinois little league selling raffle tickets for AR-15 rifle

The Atwood-Hammond Little League in Illinois is having some hard time. Their equipment is dilapidated and needs to be replaced. Last year’s fundraiser, a hog roast, only netted $10, so this year the organization went to some outside-the-box thinking to raise some money. After partnering with a local sporting goods store, the league is set to raffle off an AR-15 rifle, which is worth about $2,000, complete with a 30-round magazine, to boot. The winner of the raffle will have to pass a standard background check before being awarded the gun. According to one of the c0-owners of the sporting goods store, Charidy Butcher, the raffle has had an unprecedented response, with phone calls placed as early as 4:30 a.m. to get information. Likewise, Butcher would like the public to know that guns are, in fact, safe. “It’s a piece of metal, basically. They’re not gonna do the harm unless you’ve got the person holding them,” said Butcher. Check out a news report on the raffle below.

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The Atwood-Hammond Little League in Illinois didn't make much money off last year's pig roast fundraiser, so it partnered with a local sporting goods store to raffle off an AR-15 rifle. The league intends to use the proceeds from the raffle — tickets are $20 — to pay for new equipment.

"Guns are super hot right now," Atwood-Hammond Little League commissioner Steven McClain told WAND-TV. "They're extremely hard to get; we decided to go that route."

Atwood Armory co-owner Charidy Butcher said the AR-15 is "one of the hardest guns on the market to get right now" and that a similar gun raised over $7,000 for a local cancer foundation. Butcher told WAND-TV that the winner of the raffle would have to undergo a background check.

Given all of the national attention that the raffle has received, Atwood-Hammond Little Leaguers could soon be stepping up to the plate in S100s.

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Illinois little league selling raffle tickets for AR-15 rifle
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