Nashville high school basketball teams wear retro uniforms

Several basketball teams wore uniforms from former Nashville (Tenn.) high schools last weekend as part of the FANS Retro Classic at old Litton High School.

The Maplewood boys beat Hume-Fogg 63-49 on Friday. Hume-Fogg wore uniforms that were the style of those worn by Madison High in the 1960s featuring black and orange polka dots.

“At first I thought it was a joke with the polka dots and everything, but then my girlfriend … showed me a picture and I was like ‘Wow, they are really wearing polka dots,’ ’’ Hume-Fogg senior guard Carter Pitts said. “Then I was like, ‘Well, it will make us look silly, but it will be fun.’

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“I think it is really important to pay homage to the schools that existed back in the old days before we were born. It’s just a fun idea to get everybody involved because people from all generations are going to come.”

Hume-Fogg senior Jacob Uskavitch said he liked the uniforms.


“A lot of people were posting pictures of the old-school uniforms, so I thought we were going to be wearing the real old-school ones with the belts and the bright orange polka dots,” Uskavitch said. “But when we actually saw them today, I thought they were actually really nice.”

Senior Sabura Hudson was a little off on the dates of the uniforms but still enjoyed wearing them.

“This is like a blast from the past,” Hudson said. “I think it is pretty cool that we are bringing back the whole atmosphere of the ’90s and ’80s because you’re seeing haircuts like the high top fade is coming back into style. Everything from back then is slowly repeating itself.”

Nashville high school basketball teams wear retro uniforms

\r\n\tNashvile basketball teams wore retro uniforms last weekend.

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