Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen headlines "MLB 13 The Show"

Daily Dose: Baseball video game features enhanced gameplay

Sony’s MLB 13 The Show returns to PlayStation 3 featuring Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen as the game's cover athlete. McCutchen was named after fans voted him to the top during the MLB Cover Showdown contest.  
We caught up with the the two-time NL All-Star and Gold Glove award winner to get a sneak peak of the game before its March 5 drop date for PlayStation3 and PlayStation Vita PS3. Get the scoop below, and let the countdown begin.

What new feature can gamers really look forward to with MLB 13?
A lot of people have said the game is amazing, but it’s a little too difficult to play. Now, there’s a Beginner Mode. So if you’ve never played the game before, [the mode] basically teaches you what a fast ball is, what a curve ball is and what a strike is. The better you get, the more advanced the game becomes. That’s just one of the perks.

What's another feature that stand outs?
Something else that’s pretty cool is you can feel like an owner of a team with Franchise Mode. You start out with a team and mold players from the minor league and get them to the next level. You can basically turn that team from nothing and make them into something.

Tell us about the graphics. How realistic do they look?
The designers used actors to mimic me, and they had it down to a T as far as my swing. It took one guy 15 takes until he got it perfect. It just shows you that [the designers] are devoted to making the graphics so perfect. When I see it, it looks like me. They did a real good job. The game is amazing. It’s very fun to play, and it’s the closest thing that you’ll get to as far as actually feeling like you’re playing in the Major Leagues.

What was your reaction to seeing yourself onscreen?
It’s pretty cool and a little freakish — everything is so accurate. The batting stance is the same and your antics, like when I walk to the plate. It’s definitely pretty fun to be able to see that.

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Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen headlines "MLB 13 The Show"
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