Players dish on what moves they love most

Isaiah Briscoe loved the concept; it was the execution that he found a bit challenging.

When asked, in observance of Valentine’s Day, what basketball move he loved the most, Briscoe paused suddenly and said he needed time to think. Hours later he was still thinking.

“It’s hard to think of just one,” Briscoe said.

A full day later, he settled on “my crossover.”

We temporarily stumped a handful of other players from around the country and had them dish on what move in their offensive arsenal they love the most.

Isaiah Briscoe, St. Benedict’s Prep (Newark, N.J.), 2015, G
Undecided on college

The basketball move I love most is … “The crossover. Basically you run down the court on the defender then you drop the ball and take a side-step in motion. When the defender leans the way that you jabbed you cross back to the right and the defender will go the opposite way.”

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Kennedy Meeks, West Charlotte (Charlotte, N.C.), 2013, C
Signed to: North Carolina

The basketball move I love most is … “Pretty simple. I love when I get the ball in the paint and score on my man and get the foul. I like to turn and talk a little junk after I just overpower them down there. I love doing that. They just look at me like ‘Dang did he just do that?’ I love it.”

Semi Ojeleye, Ottawa (Ottawa, Kan.), 2013, SF
Signed to: Duke

The basketball move I love most is … “Catching the lob from my teammates and dunking it really hard over the top of someone. There’s no real way to describe it. It’s a rush. I’m in love with that play.” 

Chris Walker, Holmes County (Charlotte, N.C.), 2013, PF
Signed to: Florida

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The basketball move I love most is … “The face-up hammer. I catch the ball in the paint then I face-up on my defender. I give him a quick jab-step to the right then blow past him, rise up and try and rip the rim off the hinges. Yep, I love that one.”  

Nate Britt, Oak Hill Academy (Mouth of Wilson, Va.), 2013, PG
Signed to: North Carolina

The basketball move I love most is … “The ball-fake. Rajon Rondo and CP3 have the best ball fakes in the game. I love doing the one where you fake it behind your back and finish with a layup. It always freezes the defender enough for you to get your shot off; especially when you’re a past-first player like me.”

Elijah Thomas, Prime Prep (Dallas, Tex.), 2015, C
Undecided on college

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The basketball move I love most is … “The one that starts on the break. First, I catch it and do a hesitation stutter-step then I take the ball behind my back and I dunk it. I love doing that one!”

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Players dish on what moves they love most
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