Santa Clara soccer commit Jenna Roering talks music

Daily Dose: Roering gears up for games with country songs

Centennial (Circle Pines, Minn.) star forward Jenna Roering is plenty busy these days. With her high school soccer season behind her, Roering has shifted her attention to playing for her club team, Minnesota Thunder Academy, before she heads to Santa Clara's field this fall.

First, she’s got lots of regional and national games to win all over the country — including in Kansas City, Florida, Texas and California Fortunately, Roering reveals she's got a hefty playlist that help keeps her sane and sound on the road.

What genre of music gets you ready to play?
Some people listen to really intense rap, but that doesn’t get me pumped. I always listen to country music. I find it really relaxing, and it always puts me in good mood.

What songs make you want to turn up the volume?
Almost every Kenny Chesney song, but especially “Summertime”, “The Boys of Fall”, and “Don’t Blink”.

What’s a takeaway message when you hear one of his songs?
If you take “Boys of Fall” into a girl’s perspective, it connects to fall athletes and how great it is to play for your high school team. Even though [Kenny Chesney] is talking about a football player, all of us soccer players will listen to it, too, and think it’s like the boy version of our song.

When you’re listening to music like that, what do you think about?
I like to picture myself scoring goals and making good passes to set up for someone else. It really helps. If you can see yourself doing those things, you’re more likely to do it in a game.

How do you feel when you listen to music versus when you don’t?
For our away tournaments, we drive from the hotel to the soccer field, and it sometimes takes 20 to 30 minutes. When I have a long car ride, if I don’t listen to music, I get distracted. Listening to music keeps me focused and gets me excited to play. And when I have my music in, it helps me visualize more.

Who else helps you get moving?
Taylor Swift. Her Red album is a lot more upbeat compared to her older music. She has really switched it up a lot — some people even say her sound is kind of techno.

Who would have thought techno and country could mash?
Isn’t it weird? A lot of her songs don’t even play on the country radio stations around here — they play on hip-hop and pop stations. Parts of Taylor Swift’s new songs like, “I Knew You Were Trouble” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” have techno beats. They’re really fun songs.

OK, so everyone has a little hidden music on her or his playlist. Tell us what you’ve got tucked away.
Between all of my country music are Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child — both are always fun.

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Santa Clara soccer commit Jenna Roering talks music
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