Under Armour performance monitoring system built for athletes

Daily Dose: Push training boundaries with the Armour39

My legs feel like Jell-O right now and it hurts to walk up stairs. I wince whenever my abs contract. Oh, and my lower back feels like someone punched it. This is all a byproduct of abandoning my comfort zone, and I thank Under Armour for the boundary-pushing soreness invading my muscles.

Yesterday, I took part in a one-on-one strength workout with Chris Welsh, a trainer at the Under Armour Combine Training Center in Baltimore. Welsh put me through the ringer inside Chelsea Piers in New York City as I had the opportunity to wear-test the Armour39, a new digital training tool that aims to measure heart rate, calories burned and workout intensity.

Side lunges with kettlebells, yes. TRX inverted rows, you bet. Physioball pushups, uh huh, as well as sprinting on a treadmill set at 9.6 mph — the list of punishments goes on.

The 2 p.m. workout awoke my body better than my typical afternoon cup of joe. The end left me doused in sweat — and hating burpees even more than I already did (you’re straight up cray if you enjoy this drill).

Alright, back to the goods. Under my training shirt I wore the Armour39 module and strap around my chest. Since I’m not used to wearing a monitor, initially it felt alien, but I quickly got used to the strap, which fit comfortably and didn’t rub against my skin despite how much I’d sweat. This is key because no athlete likes chafing.

The module stores biometric info and syncs easily and quickly with the Armour39 mobile app, which is downloadable for free on iTunes. The app tracks real time heart rate, calories and workout intensity.

The Armour39 aims to assess “WILLpower”, a measurement ranging from 0 to 10 that reflects an individual’s overall effort during a workout session. The number is derived from an algorithm that combines a range of inputs like length of workout, body position and key heart rate measures.

It was cool to see my workout intesity monitored on my iPhone. If you're even remotely techy, you'll especially appreciate the Armour39 mobile app, which houses the above key info via charts that you can later obsess over.

My WILLpower score: a solid 4.5, and I averaged 56 percent intensity throughout the workout.

What does this all mean? I’d like to think I crushed that strength session, but more like that workout crushed me. Conclusion: I need to push myself harder. This soreness I'm feelin' is a telltale sign I've been too comfortable. If you're an athlete who can relate, consider trying the Armour39 to help guide your training efforts.

The Armour39 training system, featuring the Armour39 module and strap ($150), the Armour39 watch ($200), is available online
Under Armour performance monitoring system built for athletes
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