Under Armour unveils performance monitoring system for athletes

Daily Dose: Armour39 digital training tool aims to measure heart rate, calories and workout intensity

What if every workout was graded? Perhaps that might encourage you to train a little harder. That’s the idea behind the Armour39, a new digital training tool unveiled by Under Armour.

The Armour39 tracks heart rate and calories burned. The tool also aims to assess “WILLpower”, a measurement ranging from 0 to 10 that reflects an individual’s overall effort during a workout session. The number is derived from an algorithm that combines a range of inputs like length of workout, body position and key heart rate measures.

The training system includes the Armour39 module and strap ($150), the Armour39 watch ($200) and the Armour39 mobile app, which is downloadable for free on iTunes.

NFL Pro Bowler and Houston Texans running back Arian Foster has already used the Armour39 several times during speed and strength workouts.

“Mentally pushing yourself forward is something I think a lot of athletes struggle with,” Foster said. “As football players, a lot of guys sometimes tend to get lazy.

"The Armour39 is like a reality check. It really makes you look at yourself and ask, ‘Am I really working hard?’”

It’s a question you can answer come March 20, when the Armour39 officially releases.

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Under Armour unveils performance monitoring system for athletes
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