7-foot-3 Romanian Robert Bobroczky could give Tacko Fall a run for his money

13-year-old Romanian native Robert Bobroczky already stands 7-foot-4 — Twitter

13-year-old Romanian native Robert Bobroczky already stands 7-foot-4 — Twitter

He won’t be coming to the United States anytime soon, but a 13-year-old Romanian is emerging as a legitimate challenger to his seemingly unanimous perch as most dominant young really tall prospect (ed. note: We are very open to a better coined official title than the one listed just before).

For now, Fall is taller by an inch, but he’s also a bit older. Robert Bobroczky is currently just 13, but according to Sports Illustrated he’s growing at a clip of four inches per year. Yes, per year. We can all assume that pace won’t continue, but Bobroczky is still likely to be one of the tallest prospects of all time if he continues growing at all.

For now, he’s incredibly tall and incredibly awkward. While he can’t officially join up until he turns 14, Bobroczky has already agreed to a contract with the youth academy of the Italian side Stella Azzura Roma. As noted by Eurosport, that will likely just be a waystation on his road to bigger clubs, with the likes of Euro power Real Madrid banging on his door to join up.

Clearly, the developmental path planned for Bobroczky and Fall couldn’t be more dissimilar. While Bobroczky has clearly aligned himself with the traditional Euroleague progression, Fall is busy making a name for himself in AAU competitions and high school league play.

Which road will lead to the NBA? Given the height of both players, its likely both will. The real question will be which method will have the player arrive more ready to make an impact at the top level.

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