L.A. area school now has all the Paul George '24' replica jerseys

While he’s likely to miss all, or nearly all, of the 2014-15 season, Indiana Pacers guard Paul George is still making waves, deciding to change his uniform number from 24, which he has worn throughout his career, to 13. It’s been speculated that the move is designed to give George the nickname “PG-13”, a concept first dreamed up by ESPN’s Bill Simmons.

Regardless of the motivation, George’s shift left a whole lot of suddenly out of date Pacers jerseys on the shelf. Not to worry. George took matters into his own hands, buying up all the remaining number 24 jerseys then donating them en masse to his alma mater, Knight High in Palmdale, Calif.

A raft’s worth of outdated jerseys may not solve all the problems that Knight faces, but it’s still a nice gesture from a true professional. If nothing else, it’s earned Paul even more good will and cemented his role as the ultimate Knight Hawks legend.