Another reason the LLWS is great: Fans doing this dance

What you see above is almost undescribable, but we’re going to try because it’s too much fun not to. This comes from the Little League World Series and Monday night’s game between the New England champions from Cumberland, R.I. and the Great Lakes champs from Chicago’s Jackie Robinson West Little League. The fans taking a page from Dutch soccer fans, decking themselves out in all orange, are family and friends of the Cumberland squad.

In front is a man wearing an orange lycra bodysuit in the “Green Man” mold, performing what can only be called very special gyrations. He’s really grooving with it. He’s also got an orange feather boa. We don’t want to leave that detail out. And, with each butt shake and mini twist, the first row of New England fans behind him follow suit.

Needless to say, these are great fans. Regardless of who they’re representing, in this case New England, these fans are winners. And they make the Cumberland squad even more lovable, which seemed impossible after coach Dave Belisle’s inspiring speech immediately following their elimination at the hands of the Chicago squad.

What does that dance have to do with Little League baseball? We don’t have the slightest, but we also don’t care. It’s great. More bodysuits and boas in Williamsport!