Behind-the-back fake punt is clubhouse leader for trick play of the year

It didn’t earn a touchdown, but this fake punt misdirection play from Georgia, which incorporated a unique behind-the-back component, is an early clubhouse leader for trick play of the year.

As first noted by MaxPreps, Archer High from Lawrenceville, Ga. faced utilized this fake-out against Sandy Creek in the annual Corky Kell Classic series of games in the Georgia Dome. After lining up to boot the ball back to Sandy Creek, Archer backup quarterback Will Bearden took the direct snap and rolled right looking for an open man down the field. Sandy Creek read the fake and crashed in on Bearden, but the qb pulled slipped away with a moment of magic, shifting from right to left while trading the ball between hands behind his back.

The change in direction earned Bearden more time and opened up a receiving lane for one of Bearden’s tight ends in the flat. The quick pass earned the squad a first down … and Bearden a spot on the national end of season highlight reel.

The momentary setback wasn’t too much to overcome, with Archer still held to 13 points in the 21-13 Sandy Creek win. Still, it was the play of the game, and the play of the Corky Kell slate of games for 2014.