Fake spike touchdown is a wild game-winner

Fake spike touchdown is a wild game-winner

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Fake spike touchdown is a wild game-winner

Move over, Dan Marino. You’ve got company when it comes to late game tricks.

As noted by MaxPreps, a Georgia QB pulled a trick card directly from Marino’s classic deck when he faked a spike to stop the clock, stepped back into a drop and fired a pass to the end zone that scored a game-winning touchdown. The star of the highlight you see above is North Gwinnett quarterback John Urzua, who was moving his team down the field against McEachern High in both teams’ season opener. With North Gwinnett trailing 49-45 in the closing sections, Urzua pretended to spike the ball in order to freeze the clock with approximately 10 seconds on the clock.

Instead, he fired a pass to the end zone, where he hit Kyler Knudson from 9 yards out, pushing North Gwinnett to a huge season-opening victory, 52-49.

Urzua made no note of Marino’s classic stunt after the game, but North Gwinnett coach Bob Sphire made light of the play and his staff’s need to come up with another signature late game move when interviewed on Sunday.

“So much for keeping secrets from our opponents,” Sphire told MaxPreps.

If they can win a game, too, Sphire should get back in the lab right away. There’s still a whole season ahead.


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