Kyle Ahrens flushes nasty tip jam at AAU Super Showcase

This isn’t quite at the level of the recent performances from Shelby McEwen and Kwe Parker, but it’s a heck of an athletic finish nonetheless. And this one came during a game.

Competing for the King James squad at the AAU Super Showcase, Michigan State commit Kyle Ahrens ran the floor to get himself in position to follow a jumper from the perimeter. When the ball ricocheted off the rim, he rose to snag it out of the air and finish with a fierce authority not often seen at the prep level.

There’s clearly much more to come from Ahrens, who currently stars for Versailles High in Ohio, in the years ahead, but first, a quick side consideration: Can you ever remember a player that looks like he’s better suited to a particular program than Ahrens is for Michigan State? He’s a tough-minded, bruising post player with surprising dexterity. He will be an absolute beast for Tom Izzo, and you can bet your bottom dollar that Izzo knows that already.

Note to the B1G Ten: Watch out for flying Ahrens from above, starting in 2015.

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