Mo'ne Davis may actually have a shot at that UConn basketball future she wants


Throughout her Little League World Series star turn, Philadelphia’s Mo’ne Davis insisted that basketball was her first sport, and that her enduring dream was to play at UConn. If that seemed ambitious, that was before we saw her play basketball. Let’s just say Ms. Davis’ talent isn’t restricted to the pitcher’s mound.

As brought to USA Today’s attention by the folks at Deadspin, someone dug up a brief hoops highlight reel from a game Mo’ne Davis played at age 10. She is competing against boys, not girls, and she’s still dominating (just like baseball). In one move, she so bamboozles a poor youngster that he trips backwards and falls right on his keister as he tries to defend her crossover.

Sidenote: How many 10-year-olds already have an overpowering crossover? Exactly.

Of course, none of this means that UConn is lining up a scholarship offer as we speak. We know that Davis’ run at the LLWS earned the attention of famed UConn coach Geno Auriemma, so he’s likely to keep watching her progress, but Davis hasn’t even played a game of high school basketball yet. We also don’t know if she’ll grow, because she’d be a very undersized guard if she doesn’t.

For now, we can all just sit back and enjoy these highlights for what they are: Another remarkable set of clips from a rather remarkable 13-year-old girl who currently has the world at her fingers.