PHENOMenology: Seventh grader Tyger Campbell has impressive game and hair

This is Tyger Campbell. He is only 13, is in the seventh grade, and he loves playing basketball. The great thing, for him, is that he’s an exceptionally talented basketball player.

Campbell is already widely recognized as the top point guard prospect in the Class of 2019 (editor’s note: it’s terrifying to type the Class of 2019. That will make you feel really old, really quick). He’s currently 5-foot-9 and 145 pounds, but those numbers will both obviously increase significantly as he gets older (and moves toward graduating with the aforementioned horrifying Class of 2019). The Cedar Rapids, Iowa native plays for Christ Presbyterian Academy at home and competes for the Mike Bibby-fronted Team Bibby at the AAU level and has excelled both when playing against his own age group and playing up against older and more refined guards.

It doesn’t take long to notice Campbell’s clear-cut skills. He’s an exceptional ball handler, can take any defender to the lane off the dribble and has absolutely no trouble getting right to the rim. Some analysts have also noted his high basketball IQ. Add in a smooth release on his jump shot, and there’s no question why Campbell is already being projected as a legitimate high major recruit.

There’s already plenty of anticipation about where Campbell will attend high school, let alone his college plans. For now he’s ignoring all that scuttlebutt to focus on what matters: Improving on the court and taking over games across the country with his AAU teammates.