Repairs begin on Allen's $60M Eagle Stadium

Repairs begin on Allen's $60M Eagle Stadium


Repairs begin on Allen's $60M Eagle Stadium

Repairs have commenced on Allen's $60 million Eagle Stadium even though two firms haven't decided who should pay for them — Associated Press

Repairs have commenced on Allen’s $60 million Eagle Stadium even though two firms haven’t decided who should pay for them — Associated Press

They continue to haggle of precisely who should bear the brunt of the financial responsibility for needed repairs at Eagle Stadium in Allen Texas, but the repairs are finally getting underway regardless.

As reported by Gannett affiliate WFAA and other Dallas-Fort Worth outlets, repair work began in earnest on the nation’s most famous and infamous high school football stadium. Built at a cost of $60 million, the stadium was shuttered after only two full football seasons because of cracks in concourse walkways that highlighted larger structural issues with the stadium. Further investigations showed that the entire facility needed to be shut for construction to commence, and both the architects and construction firm involved with the stadium stepped up to the plate to insist that all errors would be fixed without pushing repair costs back on to the taxpayers.

Those statements were comforting, but they were also sufficiently vague to allow those two firms to squabble over who should pay what in the repairs. Lawsuits have followed and there was legitimate threat that repairs might not commence until the disagreements between PBK Architects and Pogue Construction were resolved.

That’s where the Allen ISD stepped in, essentially fronting up to $2 million to guarantee that repair work could get underway immediately. The school district will expect to be reimbursed (and will sue to be reimbursed if required), but for now, Allen is temporarily footing a multi-million repair effort for a mega-million-dollar stadium.

For now, those are concerns for another day. The important thing is that repairs are started, and then can’t wrap up soon enough for Allen residents and fans, and by the 2015 school commencement ceremonies at the absolute latest.


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