Teen banned for charity hairstyle

In an image conscious act too cruel for even the Steinbrenner family to champion, a Canadian teenager has been banned from his baseball team because he was growing out his hair to support a charity.

Liam Nazarek, a 16-year-old member of the Pincher Creek Junior Dust Devils squad was banned from competing on his team because he refused to cut his long hair. According to the CBC news, there was a good reason for that: Nazarek was growing out his hair in support of a cancer charity.

Fittingly, Nazarek’s mother has been quick to defend her son’s honorable hair decision, attacking the coach for his insistence of sticking with traditions at the cost of honorable pursuits. Of equal importance is Nazarek’s observation that the team competes in a community league, which means that the “no long hair” rule created and installed by Junior Dust Devils coach Bryan Mackenzie was an arbitrary one.

Here is how the two sides laid out their case for the CBC:

“To me, the hair issue is part of the uniform,” [Mackenzie] said. “It’s like the hat. It’s like the jersey. It’s all part of the appearance and that’s important to me, to have respect for yourself and for your other team mates.”

“You need to be respectful of your coach. You need to be respectful of the rules of the game. I don’t think your hair has anything to do with that,” said Kimberly Jorgenson, mother of 16-year-old Liam Nazarek.

As part of their case laid out to the CBC, Jorgenson provided video footage of her son being told that he was unable to compete, repeatedly noting that the hair decision was his rule, and not specifically related to baseball or the league.

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Post by Kimberley Jorgenson.

Even if Nazarek is in fact in the right, that doesn’t mean that he will be joining the Junior Dust Devils anytime soon. Mackenzie has refused to adjust his expectations, and so far the Pincher Creek Minor Baseball Association continues to support the coach.

Yet there is one silver lining for Nazarek: Another team from a nearby town offered the 16-year-old a spot on its roster. He has yet to commit as of yet, but Nazarek is allegedly considering the option seriously.

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Teen banned for charity hairstyle
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