Teen dies from overhydration after hot practice

Teen dies from overhydration after hot practice

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Teen dies from overhydration after hot practice

A Georgia teen was pronounced dead after days spent in a hospital with a condition that is precisely the opposite of what one traditionally expects in August.

As reported by Atlanta network WSB-TV, Douglas County rising senior Zyrees Oliver was diagnosed with water intoxication after he consumed a massive four gallons of liquid — two of water and two of Gatorade — following a hot early season practice. Oliver consumed all that liquid in rapid succession after the team’s second practice of the season and was hospitalized hours later. He was declared brain dead days later and was removed from life support early in the morning of August 11.

According to Oliver’s cousin, Bryan Stewart, the excess liquid flooded the 17-year-old’s brain and left family members and friends alike with the grim realization that Oliver was not likely to recover.

“To see him go at 17, (He) couldn’t have a family, couldn’t do anything, (He was) ready to go to college,” Stewart told WSB-TV. “It’s just very hurtful.”

While there is no compensating for the loss of Oliver, his aunt Tammy Chavis noted that the death came because Oliver and his family were trying to make sure he avoided dehydration and heat stroke; in other words, they were acting to try and ensure he wouldn’t be the victim of difficult weather conditions.

“We’re talking about a 3.8 GPA student, healthy, waiting to go to college to play football,” Chavis said. “He had his whole life.”

“You think with dehydration, the more water you give, the better you’re making it. No, not in all cases, it does the opposite,” said Chavis.



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