Terrance Ferguson throws down incredible free throw windmill dunks

Consider this Terrance Ferguson’s contribution to the ongoing Summer of 2014 supreme jam fest.

Just days after one prep star dunked after taking off from behind the free throw line and another flushed with authority after the kind of acrobatic machinations reserved for a trampoline performance, this video of Ferguson throwing down a series of vicious windmill dunks after taking off near the free throw line popped up on Instagram.

These are not dunks to be trifled with. In fact, if any of these windmills had been successfully delivered during the NBA Dunk Contest in recent years, they might have won the stinking thing.

We don’t know why Ferguson was parading these windmills now (perhaps just because he can? That’s reason enough), but the exposure they’ll bring can’t hurt. The rising junior spent his first two high school seasons at Dallas’ Prime Prep Academy, which is facing closure failing a miraculous Deion Sanders intervention after the state of Texas revoked its charter. That makes Ferguson, who is easily one of the nation’s top prep dunkers, a soon-to-be free agent.

Dunks like these should have every major program in the Dallas area, and perhaps farther afield, very excited about the prospects of chasing after Ferguson.

Terrance Ferguson throws down incredible free throw windmill dunks
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