Texas WR throws Hail Mary to himself

Perhaps we finally know what it would look like if Usain Bolt lined up as a wide receiver. Spoiler: It would be ridiculous, just like the Vine video you see below.

This is Texas high school wide receiver Gary Haynes. He is a junior at Manvel High School. He is very, very fast, competing in the sprint events on the track in the offseason. Why has he been competing in track? To get faster. To do crazy things like throw 50-yard Hail Mary passes to himself in far flung Texas pastures.

We feel fairly certain that this video is not edited because, well, you can see each and every move Haynes makes in clean succession. Also, he’s a 16-year-old high school junior. He can’t possibly be that good at Final Cut Pro.

As for what Haynes will do as an encore, he still has a full senior season ahead, after which he’ll compete for one Division I football program or another. As Prep Rally noted, he currently only holds a scholarship offer from Houston, though he would prefer to attend Texas Tech or Texas A&M.

Given his straight line speed, getting this kid a scholarship offer would seem like a no-brainer. After all, that is a whole lot of quick twitch muscle right there.

Texas WR throws Hail Mary to himself
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