The latest Kwe Parker dunk is just as crazy as you can imagine

This is becoming a very regular occurrence, but Kwe’Shaun Parker threw down another almost preposterous dunk. This time he even incorporated geometry (in a sense).

Parker was practicing for the annual Under Armour Elite 24 event in the video above and wanted to try out a couple of new tricks for his spot in the dunk contest. The wildest of the group was a double off-the-wall, windmill slam which, just, wow.

We’ll really miss Parker when he heads to the next level, if only because he is one heck of a showman, and unlike most dunk phenoms these days, he doesn’t even need props. Well done.

If you want to see the full Elite 24 dunk contest, which was very good, significantly more exciting than any NBA dunk contest and yet, for recent prep standards, maybe not quite as eye popping as a few others, that’s directly below as well. Congrats to Derrick Jones for winning the contest while wearing a truly exceptional shirt. Swag.