The strangest converted extra point of all time, thanks to a deflection and a bounce

Let’s just call Dell Rapids High kicker Keegan Hemenway lucky. It’d be hard to think of him as anything less after the extra point he received credit for against South Dakota rival Milbank High.

As you can see in the video above, which was brought to USA Today’s attention by Bob’s Blitz, Hemenway’s extra point successfully got over the bar, but only after it took the wildest bounce imaginable, off a Milbank player’s chest/facemask. The ricochet carried the errant low drive (and that was one low field goal attempt) right to the cusp of the bar, where it bounced once and then slipped over to ensure that the extra point counted.

In fact, the pinball kick seemed to catch the officials so off guard that they struggled for a moment to decide whether it was good or not, with Dell Rapids coaches first signaling that the attempt was good and only then having their pleas met with the traditional upright arms of the referees.

Needless to say, Hemenway and his teammates will be hoping to avoid any future “Canseco-ing” incidents, as Bob’s Blitz put it. Not that the first one wasn’t entertaining, but in games that are a bit closer than Dell Rapids’ 51-0 pasting of Milbank, the Quarriers would probably like to make sure they minimize the drama.