This sportsmanship is the best part of the Little League World Series

If you saw this clip without any background knowledge, you’d assume these two baseball players were longtime buddies, right? An elaborate handshake, a warm embrace. It’s like Torii Hunter catching up with David Ortiz.

Of course, the truth is far from that. Rather, these are two pre-teens from different sides of the world, speaking different languages and competing against each other for the greatest prize in their level of the sport.

In the end, none of that mattered after South Korea’s Little League title-clinching 8-4 victory against Chicago’s Jackie Robinson West Little League. All that mattered was that these were two groups of kids who spoke the unifying language of baseball. They both love the game, and they love playing it, as two showed with this fabulous postgame handshake line routine.

Yes, it took forever. But it was worth it. It had the air of a genuine, diligently rehearsed sign of friendship even though it was being made up on the fly.

God bless Little League. If we could all finish up work, competition and, heck, even a good dinner with this kind of a routine, the world might be a much more warm, pleasant place.