Wild Thing gets booted

Mitch Williams was once called Wild Thing for his pitching velocity and wild motion on the mound. Now he’s the wild thing because he apparently struggles to control his emotions when his son is competing in youth tournaments.

Mitch Williams 10-year-old son watched his fathers ejection in Maryland copy

On Sunday night, Deadspin reported that Williams had been ejected from a youth baseball tournament after hours of arguing with an empure spilled into a near violent interaction. According to parents on the scene, Williams was ejected after an argument with the umpire of his 10-year-old son’s game. Amid the disagreement Williams reported issued a torrent of verbal abuse, including one stretch when he called the umpire a word that rhymes with mothertrucker.

Here was how onlookers described Williams’ interaction at the Ripken Baseball tournament in Aberdeen, Md. to Deadspin:

One umpire finally confronted Williams after the former MLB pitcher shouted something to a parent in the stands about getting that umpire fired. The confrontation sparked a face-to-face argument that, one parent told us, was “just like the major leagues.” Two different observers told us Williams had to be physically separated from the umpire by other coaches. Williams then refused to leave the field, causing a 10-minute delay in play; as a result of his antics, he was initially banned from the tournament.

A 10-minute delay and threat to have an official fired might seem like a pretty straightforward justification for having Williams banned, but the former fireballer turned MLB Network pundit painted a very different story on his personal Twitter account:

Wild Thing gets booted
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