Winston's amazing shirt

Winston's amazing shirt

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Winston's amazing shirt

We need to talk about Jameis Winston’s shirt. This is not a drill, but it is spectacular.

By now, everyone and their mother’s toaster over has heard of Winston, who became the second consecutive freshman quarterback to earn a Heisman Trophy en route to Florida State’s national title. Most everyone also knows all too much about the rape allegations made against him, as well as a shoplifting charge that stems from a crab legs incident at a Tallahassee Publix location.

All of that background speaks to Winston’s polarizing talent and personal issues. It was solely the former that led Hueytown High in Alabama to declare July 5 “Jameis Winston Appreciation Day,” and we should all be appreciative for that, because it shined a light on one absolutely marvelous shirt.

Seriously, look at Jameis Winston’s shirt. That is a thing of beauty. It is purple and gold and floral and western and, just wow.

While the shirt might be bold enough to double as the fashion offspring of a Russell Westbrook postgame conference outfit and a Craig Sager suit, it also is rather appropriate, given that Hueytown’s colors are purple and gold.

No matter what you think about Jameis Winston, we should all be able to agree that his fashion sense is almost as the level of his on-field performance. That’s saying something.

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