The Rawle Alkins Blog: Michael Jordan comparisons, new earring, PSAT and more

The Rawle Alkins Blog: Michael Jordan comparisons, new earring, PSAT and more

Early Signing Period

The Rawle Alkins Blog: Michael Jordan comparisons, new earring, PSAT and more

Rawle Alkins, a five-star combo guard, built a legendary resume  this past summer; dominating the adidas circuit (24.3 points per game), leading the NY RENS to the adidas title, helping the U.S. Select team go undefeated at the adidas EuroCamp in Treviso, Italy and winning MVP at both the prestigious adidas Nations showcase and the Pangos All-America Camp. That kind of production has Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, Indiana, St. John’s, UNLV, UNC and N.C. State all in hot pursuit. Now Alkins has agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a blog.


What’s up guys it’s Rawle Alkins back on USA Today with my new blog!

We had our first scrimmage last week and we looked great. We played against a college team, Shaw University, and really competed. It was a dogfight.

We had fun out there and we had really good chemistry too.

My boy Jaylen Fornes dunked on somebody too! No one saw it coming, but he got him!

Everybody needs to check that one out. That’s just one player on our traveling all star team.

We got a new transfer Blake Harris and he’s really good too.

We’re loaded.

I know USA Today released the Super 25 rankings and they’ve got us at No. 22, but I’m thinking that by the end of the month we’ll be in the top 10.

Of course most people know that the Early Signing Period is starting up this week and that’s great for guys that want to do that.

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For me, like I said in my last blog, I think it’s better to wait until the spring to sign because you get to see who’s really gonna be there and who’s not. A coach can say all day that players are leaving and going to the NBA, but until it happens it’s up in the air. The other thing is that you want to see what coaches stick around because a lot of coaches take new jobs too.

I want to see all of that before I make my decision; I just think it’s the smartest way to handle that.

I want to go to a school where I can make a big impact as a freshman. It’ll be tough because all eight of the schools on my list are great and they produce pros, which is big because I want to be a pro someday.

I want to play for a coach that can best prepare me to be a pro. That’s the perfect fit for me.

I want to say get well soon to Harry Giles. I saw that he got hurt last week and I’m hoping he can make a speedy recovery and come back even stronger.

I had a birthday last week and I went back to New York and hung out with family. I went to the spa with my mom and I got my ears pierced. I’m gonna have to play with band aids on my ears for a couple weeks. It hurt a little; it was a little pinch, but it’s looking good!

After that we went to Clyde Frazier’s restaurant! That was cool.

Of course all of the coaches recruiting me told me Happy Birthday!

I took the PSAT recently and I’m waiting on my scores to see what I need to work on. Also, when I get those I’ll look at setting up some official visits because I haven’t taken any yet.

While I was in New York I took an unofficial to St. John’s and that was a lot of fun. Just hanging out with Coach Chris Mullin is real cool. I know they had a bad loss last week, but that doesn’t affect how I look at them at all. I don’t care what happens when I’m not there.

When I took my visit to North Carolina, Coach Williams was telling me all about how much of an impact I could make on the state. He said I really reminded him of Michael Jordan. He said Michael was 6-4 when he was there just like me, and Michael did whatever it took to win and he said he sees that in me.

When I talk to Coach Calipari he tells me that I remind him of Tyreke Evans. He said we both have a lot of natural ability. He said at Kentucky it’s like a training ground to be a pro. Then, with Indiana, they’ve been comparing me to Victor Oladipo.

So, as you guys can see, I get a lot of comparisons!

I think it’s a blessing to even be thought of on that level. It just makes me want to work harder.

I have the same work ethic in the classroom too.

I told you in my last blog about my 3.8 GPA and I’ve been maintaining that. Things are going great with the books.

Alright guys, there you have it, my USA Today Blog Part II.

I’ve got a lot of things coming up that you’ll want to come back to my blog and read about so I hope to see you back soon.

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The Rawle Alkins Blog: Michael Jordan comparisons, new earring, PSAT and more
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