8-year-old writes adorable letter to cheer up Cam Newton

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – As criticism for Cam Newton continues to mount from pundits and fans, one Panthers fan is coming to Cam’s rescue.

Stephen Graham, who’s only 8 years old, is rushing to the aid of his favorite player and friend.

It was a tale of 24 hours for Newton, who went from winning the NFL MVP award to losing on the biggest stage in Super Bowl 50, then stormed out of a press conference.

Graham saw the interview and when he didn’t see Cam smiling, he wanted to do something for the Panthers’ quarterback.

He wrote Cam a letter:

“Dear Cam Newton, I’m sorry you lost, but here is a paper trofy.”

“He’s my friend,” Graham said. “I just felt like it would make him a littler happier.

While Stephen’s still mastering the alphabet and the tricky spellings, like “ph” making the “f” sound, he’s already grasped one life lesson.

“When a friend falls down, the other friend always picks him up,” said Graham.