Amid lawsuit, Arkansas football player's suspension upheld by state athletic authority

The Arkansas Activities Association upheld the one-game suspension of the Pulaski Academy football team’s starting center on Wednesday.

In the third quarter of a Sept. 2 home game against Sand Springs (Okla.), a 56-21 Pulaski win, Allen Amuimuia was ejected after allegedly fighting with a Sand Springs defensive lineman. The Sand Springs player was also ejected on the play. Amuimuia’s mother, Tara, didn’t agree with the call, according to Little Rock’s KATV.

“The entire time Allen is driving, trying to get this player off of him. I would argue that there was no fight,” Tara Amuimuia said, according to KATV.

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Tara Amuimuia disagreed so strongly that she sued the Arkansas Activities Association (AAA) over that ejection, and a judge filed a temporary injunction on September 9 allowing Allen Amuimuia to play. Judge Chris Piazza ordered the AAA to hold an appeal meeting, which was held Wednesday.

According to his mother, the 16-year-old Pulaski junior didn’t throw a punch in the first place.

“My son was just trying to play football and trying to push the kid away from him,” Tara Amuimuia said.

The Arkansas Athletic Association obviously saw matters differently, coming to the defense of its referees in voting unanimously in favor of their decision to eject Amuimuia.

“I think the officials did a wonderful job at the game,” AAA executive director Lance Taylor told KATV. “I though that they did everything by textbook by what they’re supposed to do.”

The AAA told KATV it will now wait on the court’s decision.