Army All-American Tray Bishop sees himself as a college defensive back

Tray Bishop (Photo: AAG)

Tray Bishop (Photo: AAG)

Tray Bishop is that rare dual-threat quarterback who knows his future in college is likely on the other side of the ball.

Bishop was presented with his honorary jersey for the U.S. Army All-American Bowl on Wednesday as part of the Selection Tour presented by American Family Insurance.

He said he played both ways out of necessity at Terrell County (Dawson, Ga.).  He played defensive back, but as the Greenwave’s best athlete, he was also the team’s quarterback. At 6-3 and 193 pounds, he wasn’t afraid to use a stiff arm to get around a defender when his 4.37 40-yard dash speed wasn’t enough.

“I’m a defensive back,” he said. “When I was running the ball, it made me more aggressive on the other side of the ball. I wouldn’t classify myself as a quarterback. At my school, I had no choice. If there was a fellow coming at me, if I can’t run past you, I have to use the stiff arm. That was my move when I went to the outside. If I can hit you with the stiff arm, then I know I’m gone.”

As far as exactly where he’ll be playing next year, he has committed to Auburn but recently took a visit to Georgia and plans to take five official visits sometime in January.

Tray Bishop presented his family with the Dream Champion Award. (Photo: AAG)

Tray Bishop presented his family with the Dream Champion Award. (Photo: AAG)

“I don’t have the exact dates,” Bishop said. “I know Auburn, Georgia and Florida will get one (visit). I don’t know who else.”

Bishop said the reason he chose the Army game was simple. Organizers from the game asked first and he accepted.

“I got a call from a scouting guy and he told me I was selected for the game,” Bishop said. “I knew about it sometime in the summer.”

Unlike many athletes, particularly quarterbacks who focus solely on football, Bishop also plays baseball and basketball at Terrell County. There’s no question about which sport is No. 1.

“Football, football, football,” Bishop said. “I grew up playing the game a lot and I fell in love with the game. Football has brought so much publicity to my school and the other athletes at my school to let them know it can be done.”