Calif. high school cancels homecoming dance after reports of intoxicated students at rivalry game

Corona del Mar (Calif.) High School has canceled its homecoming dance and pep rally scheduled for Oct. 7 after reports of student intoxication at last Friday night’s football game against rival Newport Harbor High School.

For Corona del Mar, this is the latest in a series of controversial incidents at the school, which have included a cheating scandal and an NFL-style “prom draft.”

In a video message that aired on campus Monday, Principal Kathy Scott called the students’ alleged use of alcohol or controlled substances “extremely inappropriate” and “totally inexcusable.”

In the video, Scott apologized “to all of the amazing students who chose to act appropriately on Friday night, but unfortunately your poorly behaved peers stole any true victory we all could experience. The behavior of many of our student fans was despicable and deplorable.

“Clearly, the administration, the teachers and the coaches have a much higher expectation for our school and our students than some of you students have for yourselves.”

A parent sent this text message to Fox 11 in Los Angeles,

“I was at the game and saw many people getting arrested as did (sic) my daughters. It was an eye opener as it was my children’s first high school football game.”

According to Fox 11, Orange Coast College has also banned Corona del Mar from using its facilities for future events.

It is unknown whether homecoming has ever been canceled in the school’s 54-year history, per the Los Angeles Times.

Corona del Mar won the game against Newport Harbor, 41-13. The Sea Kings, at 3-1, have a bye this weekend.