Colts vs. Highlanders

Hockey Review

The Chartiers Valley Colts hockey team lost a real heart breaker game to the Baldwin Highlanders this past week. Although the Colts had a 3-1 lead midway in the third period,they could not seal a victory against the highly skilled Highlanders.

The game started off on a good note as Michael Sedlak got his first goal of the season, with the Baldwin defenders pinching in on defense, leaving Sedlak at the blue open for a breakaway; with an amazing pass from Nathan Kraemer, he was able to score on the goalie on his backhand side giving the Colts a 1-0 advantage during the first period. Only two minutes later, the Highlanders leveled the playing field by beating Colts’ goalie, Brandon Edwards, glove hand side making it 1-1. At the end of the first and second period, the score had remained the same; not for lack of trying by both teams though. Only 21 seconds into the third period, Alex Evans slides a puck across to Matt Storar, who made an incredible shot, giving the Colts a 2-1 lead. Storar then scored his second goal three minutes later.

The Colts looked like they would cruise away with a win, but the Highlanders still had some fight left in then. They responded with two goals, tying it up 3-3.

The comeback was then complete when the Highlanders took their first lead of the game, making it 4-3. Although there was ample time for the Colts to catch up, they were unable to work their normal magic. After the game, Alex Evans stated, “We played good, but not at our potential. We could’ve played harder”.

The Colts next game will be October 17, 2016 against the Montour Spartans.

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