CV Boys Soccer

Varsity Tournament

The Chartiers Valley boys varsity soccer team starts off their season with the annual intersection kickoff. The intersection kickoff is a friendly tournament between four neighboring schools, that has been around since the early years of Chartiers Valley. This small tournament consists of Baldwin Area High School, Seneca Valley High School, Norwin High School, and our very own Chartiers Valley High School.


The tournament will be held at Norwin High School on Friday, September 2. The first matchup is between Baldwin and Seneca Valley at 5 pm. The second match up will be held at 7:30 pm, between Norwin and Chartiers Valley.


The winning two teams advance to the championship round the next day, competing to have their school’s name engraved on the trophy, and of course bragging rights for the year. The two losing teams aren’t out yet though, they still have the chance to compete for third place in this year’s tournament. “The annual tournament is something to look forward to every year” and “it gives the team a great competitive edge to start the season” are some of the things senior forward Sean Tinney said. Other senior, and midfielder Jack Barlow says “I think the team has a good chance to come out on top this year, everyone is really excited about it.”


The Chartiers Valley Boys soccer program has come a long way in the past two years, since the introduction of the Mackenzie brothers as their new coaching staff. The three of them, along with the help of Adam Gazda, Jim Demarco, and their father Dave Mackenzie, the coaching staff has brought a sense of hope and prosperity to the program for years to come.


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