CV Girls' Tennis

This fall, the Chartiers Valley Girls’ tennis team has been working harder than ever.  Practices have been increasing each girl’s skill level and the players become better each day.  They are becoming the best tennis players that they can be.

Junior Gabriella Grayson tells, “We are only halfway through the season, but we have played pretty well so far.  We have been playing our hardest with our number one player being hurt.  So everyone had to move up a spot.  But we are aiming for an even 500 season.”

All of this hard work comes with a lot of fun.  The players participate in the sport because they enjoy playing. It can be very rewarding.

This is Grayson’s second year playing the sport.  “My favorite part about playing tennis is my teammates because we are like a family.  I really enjoy playing. It can be a lot of fun.”  Gabriella Grayson plays on the third singles court for the varsity team and plans to continue playing through her senior year.

The Chartiers Valley Girls’ tennis team will continue to play through the end of September and the beginning of October.  All of their home matches take place directly after school at three o’clock and there is no end time for those matches.  Go and check out the team.  The matches are very fun and quite enjoyable to watch.  Let’s go Colts!



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