Entire Waggener team kneels, takes delay of game penalty rather than taking knee during anthem

The coach at Waggener High said last week after a player kneeled for the national anthem that they were looking at steps for an alternate gesture.

“We are taking steps for next Friday to ensure our young men can make a stand for social injustice, while at the same time not showing, what is perceived as, disrespect,” coach Jordan Johnson said. “We support our young men in an effort to make a change for their future.”

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That alternative was that the entire team took a knee after the first play of the game and took a delay of game penalty.

“I am so proud of our young men and their desire to see change occur! I could not be at a better place!,” Johnson tweeted after the game.

Among those supporting Tre Chappell, the lone player to take a knee last week, were members of the Kentucky Green Party, as seen in the video above. A number of other players initially kneeled but stood when the music began playing.

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These kids probably don't know anything about being oppressed. Most of the families are receiving entitlements from tax payers. The reason the people they refer to as oppressed Is because they won't work to become productive in the community. They should , Instead of being disrespectful as young kids be thankful they have the opportunity to get a good education and become productive in their community

Coach should be let go from his position.


Many of you know and have known for years about oppression.... And do nothing. As a friend pointed out, we live in a country where innocent black men get killed by police, & terrorist, get shot in the leg. Why do u not see something wrong with this?


Please explain why you think this? Do you know him? Do you know any of these kids!?They did not take a knee during the Anthem! These kids want better for all! My son is a Sr on this team and this is a great group of kids and they have a great coaching staff who would do anything for these kids as if they were their own! So please explain why you think Coach should be fired?