Evolution of the Modern Day Homecoming

Homecoming: a mix of sparkly dresses, strange dance moves, and an array of after parties.

For weeks prior, preparation for the event is in full swing, from ordering party decorations to extravagant homecoming proposals.  Homecoming to the modern day teenager is a grandiose event, but what was it like 10 years ago? 20? Maybe even 40?  Our very own Mr. Rodriguez shares a little about the event through the years.

“About ten years ago, the students only nominated girls, there were never boys elected.  Girls would just be walked down by the teacher of their choice,” Rod states in his normally mild tone, “at the time, it was more of a beauty pageant to the kids.”  Other than those slight differences, not much has changed in the realm of homecoming.

On the other hand, twenty years ago was a different story.  Since at the time the school had three or more principles at any given time, the principles walked the girls down the field.  The only people that ever got on court was the in-crowd; like the ten year mark, it was still being treated as a beauty contest.  The in-crowd wasn’t just anyone in the school, they were treated almost like higher life forms.

Forty years ago was a whole different dynamic towards homecoming.  The in-crowd always got nominated, but only because the only people that cared for dances were the in-crowd.  “Because there were almost 2400 kids attending Chartiers Valley at the time, no one really knew the people on court,” Rod said; “homecoming also wasn’t a very big deal since people didn’t prioritize dances like they do now”.  Even though it wasn’t as popular forty years ago, the people that did go dressed in long fluffed up dresses and had a fantastic time.

While homecoming has changed a lot over the years, the same core themes remain: the glitz, the glam, and the people that don’t give a… darn.