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Fan comes out of stands, punches player in North Carolina 3A title game

The end of the North Carolina 3A state boys basketball title game between Terry Sanford High (Fayetteville) and Jay M. Robinson High  (Concord) was marred by an ugly incident in which a spectactor came on the court and appeared to punch a Robinson player.

University of North Carolina Public Safety spokesman Randy Young told that several fans were escorted out of the building but no arrests were made. No charges have been filed against the spectator, although officials are continuing to investigate.

Robinson won the game 59-55, taking its first lead since the opening minutes in the final 15 seconds. It was Robinson’s first 3A state title. Daniel Spencer had 24 points and was named the game’s MVP.

Terry Sanford missed three chances for a potential game-winning basket, the final one leading to the bizarre sequence. According to The Charlotte Observer, the last miss between three Sanford players and Robinson’s Javonte Misenheimer turned into a scramble for a loose ball that nearly led to a brawl. As the players were jostling, two people came out of the stands, with one landing a bunch of Robinson’s Rashon Gray.

After huddling the officials, called three fouls on Sanford — a personal foul and a flagrant on one player leading to his ejection and a technical on another.

“They really didn’t explain anything to me,” Stanford coach Terry Boyette said afterward.  “Those are the two things I was told, and I think (the officials) created it, not Robinson. … I have some major issues with what I saw.”

Robinson hit three of the six free throws and got possession with 0.3 seconds remaining to end it.


Expect the fallout to continue here because the state association has rules regarding fines and required sportsmanship courses for player ejections.


Jay M. Robinson High School was up by one point with only 0.3 seconds remaining. The Robinson Bulldogs won the NCHSAA Men's 3A Basketball State Championship on their own merit. The penalty shots made were of no consequence to the would be outcome of this game.

I think it's important that we not lose sight of the team's tremendous achievement in spite of the altercation and NOT because of it. #FinishedBusiness


#BlackLivesMatter  especially if it involves basketball.


So more example of how our society has totally degraded. Btwn this and the Catholic school abuse of another in Boston (today's news, also), one has to wonder about the overall value of these programs. As one in high school basketball for many years, we have often noted that the Catholic schools, especially their fans, are the worst offenders, often being way over the line of acceptable. That incident, while not right, is not surprising to me. Overall, we need to look at these programs for their overall value...maybe they are not worth the trouble??? I hope that is not the case...