Hazing expert research: 85% of any community supports the perpetrator

ESPN’s “Outside The Lines” has done amazing work on hazing in high school athletics, including a recent one-hour special that is worth taking the time to find.

As part of its continuing coverage, Dr. Susan Lipkins, a expert in campus violence and hazing, made an appearance with Bob Ley.

“Most people don’t understand hazing,” she said.

She cited her research that shows 85% of the community in most cases will support the perpetrator and only 15% will support the victim and the victim’s family.

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“The victims are usually socially isolated,” she said. “People want to maintain the status quo, especially in athletics. They think it has something to do with masculinity or you have to be tough so you have to be able to take it. You have to prove that you are good enough to be on the team.”

See more of Ley’s interview with Lipkins below.