Heated Conn. rivalry game postponed by hand-foot-and-mouth disease

One of the most heated and highly contested football rivalries in the state of Connecticut has been postponed for nearly a month after one of the teams had multiple players come down with Coxsackie virus, better known as hand-foot-and-mouth disease.

According to the Connecticut Post and News8 SportzEdge, Derby and Seymour high schools were scheduled to compete on the football field on Friday in Derby, but instead agreed to reschedule the game when four Derby players tested positive for hand-foot-and-mouth.

“We requested it out of precaution,” Derby Superintendent of Schools Matthew Conway told The Post. “The only other option would’ve been to cancel the game, which neither school wanted to do.”

The two teams will now meet on October 20, which would have been an off-week for both teams, leaving Friday as the replacement off-week for both programs. Meanwhile, Derby officials spent Monday disinfecting both the high school and all athletic facilities.

Seymour’s coach told the Post he was glad that all were working in the best interest of the health of the student athletes, even if it was detrimental to the team’s recovery time later in the season. For now, the focus is clearly on ensuring that all the Derby student athletes regain full health following a scary outbreak.