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Most expensive and least expensive sports for kids to play

High school and college athletes work out LIFT on the campus of SUNY Purchase in Purchase on Tuesday, June 07, 2016. (Photo: John Meore/The Journal News)

High school and college athletes work out. (Photo: John Meore/The Journal News)

When signing a child up for a travel or club team, realize that time is going to be the biggest investment. Keep the checkbook and credit cards handy, though. It’s easy to get sucked into a world that requires only a minimal investment up front.

Remember those 99-cent record clubs?

A majority of the sports offered for the youngest athletes are very affordable. When the scoreboard is flipped on, everything changes. Kids fall in love with the newest equipment and colorful uniforms. Getting into a more competitive environment requires a club team commitment. The fees go up when coaches get paid. Family vacations are spent at tournaments in places like Myrtle Beach, Orlando, Atlanta, Boston. Even a weekend event three hours away can run $500 for travel and food.

It adds up quickly.

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There’s a reason why the hottest markets in an industry with an estimated $9 billion in yearly revenue are the affluent suburbs.

“People who have money are more likely to spend it on what is really a luxury item,” said Anthony Yacco, who runs 4D Sports and Performance Center in Mahopac along with the New York Swarm baseball club.

So what does it cost?

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