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Jarred Vanderbilt has championship goals in third Nike EYBL season with Houston Hoops

Sheila Mikailli caught up with 2016 forward Jarred Vanderbilt (Victory Prep, Houston) at The Grind Session’s The Crush in the Valley Event in Napa, California. 

Jarred Vanderbilt. (Photo: Prep Circuit)

Jarred Vanderbilt. (Photo: Prep Circuit)

Sheila Mikailli: Describe your game to someone who might not be familiar.

Jarred Vanderbilt: I would say my game’s a very versatile game: a “do it all” player, a play maker, and a leader on the floor for my team.

SM: What’s one aspect of your game that you’re still looking to improve this year?

JV: The main thing I want to improve is my three-point shooting so I can extend my range. I’m mainly just putting up a lot of shots, staying in the gym, putting up a thousand shots a day.

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SM: You’re heading into your third season with Houston Hoops. How excited are you to get back to playing with them?

JV: I’m very excited. You know I love my team. This is our third year together, so we should have more chemistry. Our goal is to make the championship. The previous two years we’ve only made it to the Elite 8, but this year I think we have a better squad and more chemistry.

SM: Your travel schedule is insane. What keeps you sane through it all?

JV: Main thing I do is listen to music. Music helps me get through it. And just staying in the gym.

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