Jim Harbaugh shows up wearing Antioch gear to recruit Najee Harris, announces homecoming queen

It’s an off week for the University of Michigan football program, which means head coach Jim Harbaugh and his staff are out on the recruiting trail. Thursday night, Harbaugh took in the Southern California face off between Dorsey and Hawkins (Hawkins escaped with a 24-21 win), where he was watching a number of four and five-star recruits. On Friday Harbaugh moved up the Pacific coast to watch Antioch’s game against Liberty, where the focus was on Antioch running back Najee Harris, arguably the top overall prospect in the entire nation.

Let’s just say that there’s little question about which team Harbaugh was supporting.

That’s the Michigan coach in the photo above, decked out from head to waist in Antioch gear. He was supporting the Panthers in a pretty blatant attempt to gain favor with the star running back, who remains an Alabama commit.

Obviously, if Harbaugh was convinced Harris was beyond changing his mind, he wouldn’t have shown up at the game to make an appearance. Even if he did, he certainly wouldn’t arrive plastered with Antioch logos. But this is 2016, and recruits are still impressionable teenagers, all of which gives Harbaugh plenty of reason to remain optimistic about Harris potentially reconsidering his future.

Of course, since Harbaugh was in town, he made himself useful by announcing Antioch’s 2016 Homecoming Queen:

After all this, if Harris still opts for Alabama, at least Harbaugh will have landed a new workout sweatshirt and hat from the trip to California.

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