King of the Hill Part 2

King of the Hill is rated one of the top 60 greatest TV cartoons of all time according to TV Guide. It is also the third longest running cartoon shows with 13 seasons and 259 episodes. King of the Hill is based on the Hill Family and their daily lives living in Arlen Texas. Hank Hill is one of the main characters, who works at Strickland Propane and is famous for saving, “I sell propane and propane accessories.” Bobby Hill is Hank Hill’s son and attends to Tom Landry Middle School.  Hank Hill is friends with Dale Gribble, Bill Dauterive, and Boomhauer.

In this episode, the boy scout troop that Bobby is part of travels into the woods in hope of becoming “men.” John Redcorn is introduced in this episode and is a native american. The troop consists of Bobby and his friend Joseph and some other kids. They kept talking and Hank gives them “silence sticks.” Hank gives the boys an assignment to hunt a dreaded snipe. Bobby accidentally kills an endangered Whooping Crane. Hank stores the carcass in a beer cooler and Joseph said Hank being the leader of the hunt was a lie. A park ranger approaches Hank and tells him that one of the Whooping Cranes was missing. Bobby and Hank try to bury the crane and Hank tells Bobby that he made everything up and the park ranger catches them. Suddenly, the crane wakes up and the Hill Family left. Chartiers Valley High School student Gus Deely says, “the episode was pretty good,” and “Hank Hill is a legend.”


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