King of the Hill Review

King of the Hill is rated one of the top 60 greatest TV cartoons of all time according to TV Guide. It is also the third longest running cartoon shows with 13 seasons and 259 episodes. King of the Hill is based on the Hill Family and their daily lives living in Arlen Texas. Hank Hill is one of the main characters, who works at Strickland Propane and is famous for saving, “I sell propane and propane accessories.” Bobby Hill is Hank Hill’s son and attends to Tom Landry Middle School.  Hank Hill is friends with Dale Gribble, Bill Dauterive, and Boomhauer.

In the pilot episode of King Of the Hill, we learn about the main characters. Hank and his friends are trying to fix up Hank’s truck. Dale Gribble is Hank’s conspiracy friend and thinks everything is the government plotting against him. Bill Dauterive works in the military as a barber. Hank Hill is very loving to his family and wants Bobby the succeed when he plays baseball. Bobby gets hit in the eye and child protective services thinks Hanks at fault. Throughout the episode we learn Hank is a loving father and would never touch Bobby. Hank has a temper, but he would never hit his son. For that, Hank is a legend. Overall I would give King of the Hill a 10/10 on characters and a 10/10 on plot. Many other people at CV would agree that King of the Hill is a great show that everyone should watch. Gus Deely says “The show’s a masterpiece; a 10/10.”



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